350Green adding 400 new EV charging stations to US network

EV charging network developer 350Green has announced that it will be adding 400 new ChargePoint stations to its existing U.S. network
(Photo: Coulomb Technologies)

While it still may be some time before all American EV drivers can expect to find charging stations located close to wherever they're going, things are at least heading more and more in that direction. Late last week, charging network developer 350Green announced that it will be adding 400 new stations to its existing U.S. network, as part of a plan to bring the total number up to 1,000.

As with the group's existing charging stations, the new ones will be installed in partnership with municipal and corporate and entities, such as Wallgreen's drug stores. They will utilize the ChargePoint system developed by Coulomb Technologies. Among other things, ChargePoint lets drivers use a mobile app to check the location and availability of nearby stations, navigate their way to them, and then check in on the charging status of their vehicle.

Billing is handled via the cloud-based ChargePoint Network, and will be extended to also cover 350Green's existing stations.

Source: Engadget

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