Africa's largest wind farm to be built in Ethiopia

The project will utilize Vergnet turbines Photo:

October 27, 2008 With its nation in need of additional energy resources, the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEEPC) has announced it will build Africa's largest wind farm in lieu of more traditional power plants.

Boasting a 120MW output (the average solar plant currently has an output of 5-40MW), the wind farm to be based in Ashegoba in the country’s north, will supply around 15% of Ethiopia’s current energy needs. The nation's main sources of power - hydroelectric dams - have been severely affected by drought and the new project is designed to complement these systems and help ease the strain on the grid.

The €220 million (around US$277 million) project will utilize turbines and technology from the French-based Vergnet Group, which are designed to be adaptable to all environments including those not ideal for wind power generation. The Ashegoba plant is expected to be online and reaching its maximum 120MW output by 2011.

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