Amazon Kindle DX confirmed for global release

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The Kindle DX's large screen makes it ideal for graphically-intensive documents

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There’s been a definite buzz around eBooks and eBook readers in recent times, and despite Asus challenging the price point last year we’re yet to see what we’d guess to be an affordable enough solution to break the mass-market. There are some pretty tidy devices on the shelves though, with Amazon’s Kindle proving popular enough to ‘go global’ last October, a move that has now been repeated with the spacious Kindle DX.

The ‘big brother’ of the Kindle has now had availability confirmed globally in over 100 countries, building on the success of the original by beefing up Kindle’s adequate 6” screen to a 9.7” electronic paper display that offers 16 shades of gray and is suggested for those who need more room for graphically-rich content such as newspapers and magazines.

With built-in wireless as standard, the DX allows you to download this sort of content, along with standard eBook formats, on the move, offering a wide variety of compatible media to keep you entertained.

“Kindle DX is great for personal and professional documents, cookbooks and textbooks - anything that is highly formatted” said Ian Freed, Vice President, Amazon Kindle. “Documents look so good on the big Kindle DX display, that you'll find yourself changing ink toner cartridges less often and printing fewer documents. We're excited to be able to offer Kindle DX to customers worldwide so they can carry all of their personal documents along with their whole library in one slender package."

Over 300,000 English-language books are currently available from Amazon’s Kindle Store along with over 100 newspapers and magazines for single purchase or subscription.

Specs-wise it ticks all the expected boxes with features such as a PDF reader, auto-rotate, over 3GB of memory for up to 3,500 books, adjustable text and a built-in dictionary and access to Wikipedia.

If you think all of these features justify a still substantial initial outlay, the Kindle DX is available for pre-order now at US$489, with a confirmed shipping date of January 19th.

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