Belkin launches SuperSpeed USB products

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Belkin's USB 3.0 ExpressCard adapter gives laptop users two SuperSpeed USB ports which could provide up to five gigabits per second transfer speeds

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Blisteringly fast USB 3.0 data transfer speeds are slowly becoming a reality for consumers as products supporting the specification filter into the market. Belkin is now on board with the announcement of four new SuperSpeed USB devices to help users enjoy up to ten times faster transfer rates over its older sibling USB 2.0.

SuperSpeed USB specification was agreed way back in November 2008 and compatible products have recently appeared courtesy of companies like Buffalo and Super Talent. Now the NPD Group- proclaimed market leader in USB connectivity Belkin has joined the USB 3.0 club with a PCIe Add-In Card and ExpressCard adapter.

Belkin allows users to throw a couple of USB 3.0 ports into a desktop with its PCIe Add-In Card, supporting daisy chaining of up to 127 plug and play devices and allowing your system to benefit from more efficient power usage. Laptop users can achieve similar results by popping in the ExpressCard adapter. The other two products are both USB cables, a micro-B and an A-B.

The new line will be available in April, but all that increased speed and improved power efficiency, it would seem, will come at a price. The PCIe Add-In Card and the ExpressCard adapter will cost US$79.99 per device and each cable will cost US$39.99 for a four foot flavor and US$49.99 for eight.

To help you judge whether it's worth the outlay, take a look at a demonstration of the technology Gizmag filmed at this year's CES in January.

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