BMW working on multi-functional Smart Key

BMW Group Research and NXP Semiconductors have developed a prototype multifunctional car key that can incorporate contactless payment, personalized access control and even functions like public transport e-ticketing. Creating new usage scenarios for future consumers, the prototype is powered by NXP’s SmartMX security chip and allows drivers to perform quick, secure and convenient electronic payments using their car key.

In the future, car owners may benefit from the ease-of-use of contactless payments for transactions including shopping, paying for petrol, public transport, parking and road tolls, thereby replacing the need for cash or additional cards. By turning the car key into a personalized credit card, many additional mobility scenarios become possible... as does the danger of losing both at once!

Consumers will also be able to securely gain access to personal data and be authorized for personalized in-vehicle online services in any BMW vehicle that they own or drive. For added convenience, the personal credit card key may also be temporarily registered with other cars.

NXP’s SmartMX P5CD081 series features smaller antennas than standard smart cards and can be integrated into a broad range of different form factors. The integrated dual-interface chip ensures that the credit card application complies with the highest security requirements. NXP will be demonstrating the smart key prototype at the upcoming CARTES and IDentification show in Paris in November.

In related news, Ford recently announced details if its smart key program designed to increase young driver safety by enabling parents to limit the speed of their cars.

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