Buffalo announces its first USB3.0 external hard drives

Buffalo's HD-HXU3 offers super-fast USB3.0 transfer speeds

Following the release of the first USB 3.0 Flash drive, full-sized external HDDs are now starting to appear with Buffalo just announced its first foray into this market. The DriveStation HD-HXU3 sports the latest high-speed interface, capable of transferring data at up to 625 MB per second - though Buffalo’s model can only hit 130 MB per second of this theoretical maximum - and likely to be a big hit with those that deal in large files such as HD video and images.

The HXU3 is backwards compatible with USB2.0 connections and the company is also offering a two-port USB3.0 PCI Express card for PCs and Macs to upgrade computers to handle the new standard.

Thrown into the mix is Memeo’s AutoBackup software to securely and automatically manage backups, the drive offers an eco-friendly power-saving mode and looks pretty stylish to boot.

The HD-HXU3 is available now in 1TB (US$199.99), 1.5TB (US$249.99) and 2TB (US$399.99) sizes from Buffalo’s site.

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