Loopy design or best board ever?

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The Loop-In concept board could be radical news for surfers, skaters and snowboarders who want a new experience

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The Loop-In concept board could be an extreme skater’s dream, an answer for out-of-season snowboarders, or perhaps surfers who find themselves a long way from the ocean and want to keep up their skills. The Loop-In’s huge wheels can rotate over almost any surface while the board will rotate 360° within its interior independently.

Designed by Marcial Ahsayane, the all-terrain board offers riders an opportunity to create a whole new set of tricks to add to their arsenal, although it might be considered a little too ostentatious for the skate park.

But, for the board-rider who wants to combine his snowboard/surfing/skating acrobatics into a street-based board, the Loop-In looks, on paper at least, very promising.

Can’t see it fitting too snuggly into a backpack, tucked under an arm or on a van’s roof racks but these are minor hurdles for hardcore board-riders, right?

And for brakes … ?!

Via Tuvie.

View gallery - 2 images

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