For decades, the formula has remained the same for nakedbikes: take a red-hot race bike, soften off the engine, make it more comfortable and price it to sell. And for decades, people have complained about the lost power – so when Erik Buell decided to make a streetfighter out of the 185-horsepower EBR 1190RX, he left its massive 1190cc v-twin engine untouched. In fact, despite its flat handlebar and the lack of fairings, the 1190SX is just about the exact same bike. We spent a week getting to know it in the latest of our video road tests.

Enjoy the video below:


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Note: after finishing the video, EBR Australia informed us that our test bike was a pre-production unit. Production bikes have a 30-40 percent lighter clutch, which will make a big difference around town, and a 2-3 teeth larger rear sprocket, which will bring the 1190SX's stratospheric performance a little closer to legal speeds. In Australia, all bikes will also ship with the additional shorty twin exhaust on our test bike, which meets most noise regulations but falls short of California emissions testing.

Additionally, 1190SXs that wear the standard exhaust do appear to get significantly better fuel economy, averaging around 6 l/100km (39.2mpg) where our test bike got around 7.3 l/100km (32.2 mpg). Of course, test bikes do tend to get a bit of a caning, so that should probably be taken into account.

Check the gallery for a bunch of photos, and for more information on the 1190SX, we recommend you watch our earlier video on the 1190RX superbike below, as these two bikes share just about everything:

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