Eye-Fi launches wireless memory card for pros

The new Eye-Fi Pro handles RAW images and offers peer-to-peer connectivity between camera and computer

Eye-Fi, makers of the world’s first wireless memory card, has expanded its range with a new SDHC memory card aimed specifically at professionals and photo enthusiasts. The Eye-Fi Pro is a 4GB wireless memory card that supports RAW images and allows direct peer-to-peer connectivity between camera and computer, without the need for an internet connection.

RAW is essentially unprocessed photographic data that can be retouched and manipulated – which makes the new card ideal for camera professionals. The direct wi-fi capability (also known as ad hoc) will be a boon for shooting away from the studio, allowing quick downloads of images without the need for a router or network. A new Selective Transfer feature also lets users manually choose which photos they want to wirelessly send to their computer.

The Eye-Fi Pro offers many of the same features available in the rest of the range. The card automatically geotags a photo with information about where it was taken, using global wi-fi positioning. Like the Eye-Fi Explore, images can also be directly uploaded to more than 25 online photo and video sharing websites, including Photobucket and YouTube.

Wireless downloading of images is becoming an increasingly important part of camera technology and many new cameras offer Eye-Fi card recognition and optimization, including Nikon’s D5000 and the entire range of new Casio cameras. Eye-Fi products have also received considerable critical attention, including PC World’s 100 Best Products of 2008.

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