A new elite in upmarket mobiles

Nokia has announced a flagship brand creating a new market for luxury personal communications instruments. Vertu's mission is to apply authentic time-honoured traditions and craftsmanship to mobile technology" and "bring artistry and personal significance to an everyday object, elevating it to the level of the finest timepiece." Vertu's signature product (pictured) boasts a front-lit high res display, a refined new antenna and a hi-fi audio speaker to "dramatically enrich the aural experience."

Components and precious gems and metals are abundant from Vertu's sapphire crystal face to the bezels that come from a venerable supplier of platinum and gold, to the leather that surrounds Vertu crafted from the finest hide. The Vertu is assembled by hand and features more than 400 mechanical parts, among them 18 jewelled bearings. The effort to create such an instrument alone resulted in over 20 new patents. Vertu's materials meet the highest standards for quality. Vertu instruments that boast precious metals such as platinum or gold are all individually hallmarked. Similarly, key movement ruby bearings ensure the key press is smooth and precise."

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