V-Pick Virtual Guitar offers hope to air guitarists

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If you've got the moves but not the musical ability this unique invention might have been ideal for you - bringing a new-dimension to the phrase 'air-guitar', the V-Pick Virtual Guitar allowed anyone to take to the stage in their own home. Unfortunately, the company and product appear to both be defunct, after a spectacular launch in 2002, though we still see the concept as a great idea. The V-Pick, which is slightly larger than a normal guitar plectrum, connected to your computer's USB port and when strummed against any object - the favourite being an old tennis racquet - the Player software took over to produce anything from blues riffs to blazing lead solos.

The sounds produced were not totally automated so a little rhythm was required to master this interactive axe and for those who wanted to expand the virtual band, a drum kit version utilising pressure-sensitive pads - V-Stix - was also available. V-Pick was available for purchase with a number of different software packages including a Beatles Edition.

Sad to see it go.

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