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Reversing your vehicle onto a trailer, caravan or horse float can be a tricky business, and even with the often dubious assistance of an outside observer, chipped bumpers and the odd expletive are not out of the ordinary. A remarkably sensible solution is now available in the form of the TowChek, an onboard camera system from Donnelly Corporation that gives the driver an extra set of eyes covering the approach to the tow-ball.The TowChek system consists of a CMOS video camera mounted on the rear of the vehicle with a wide enough field of view to include both the tow-ball mount and the approach to the tongue of the trailer. The miniature camera interfaces with an LCD display that can be internally positioned on the windshield, giving the driver the ability to 'see' fore and aft simultaneously. Donelly unveiled the TowChek at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as the latest in a series of automotive camera vision systems which include the 'Horse vue', a similar system designed to monitor horses during transit, and the three camera 'PanoramicVision System' which offers a the driver a virtual 180 degree rear view. The TowChek retails for US$449 and is available online at

View gallery - 2 images
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