Sony Clie - more than a business tool?

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The new CLIE from Sony is billed as the device to take handhelds beyond the realm of business tool: its slim clamshell design, high-resolution full colour rotating screen, built-in digital camera and MP3 player provide an entertainment focus overlaying standard PDA applications on the Palm OS 4.1 platform. Very portable at just 16.7mm thick and 200g, the CLIE's innovative 9.6cm, 320x480 pixels screen can be configured like a mini-laptop or with the screen turned 180 degrees so that it's "back-to-back" with the keyboard. The digital camera is situated on the spine of the CLIE and can be rotated through 300 degrees capturing images of 320x240 pixels. Input is through built-in keyboard, directly onto the screen using a stylus, or via the "jog-dial" navigator designed for one-handed operation. The CLIE is powered by a 66MHz processor with 16Mb of SDRAM and up to 128Mb via the Memory Stick slot to cope with the demands of rich media content. Sony has already launched a Memory Stick Bluetooth module overseas but no word on its arrival in Australia. Fontopia headphones are supplied with the top-of-the-line CLIE NR70VG which is now available at a cost of AUS$1,349. Memory Sticks cost between AUS$69.95 (16Mb) and AUS$245 (128Mb). Phone 1300 13 7669, visit

View gallery - 3 images
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