Plantronics Headset

If you are tired of being fixed to the desk, the new Plantronics CA-40 could be exactly what you are looking for. Made by a company which specialises in headsets, the CA-40 is the top-of-the-range unit for elite professionals and call-centre coaches, allowing around 50-75 metres and one floor of mobility thanks to a tiny unit which clips onto the belt. Able to answer the phone from a distance thanks to a lifter which works with a normal handset, it can also charge a second battery extending talk time to 24 hours. Made to fit comfortably, with adjustable everything including separate controls for how you sound to the caller and vice verca, the CA- 40 is a joy to use. At AUS$1240 inc GST, it isn't cheap, but if your hourly rate is better than $50, the payback period might well be only a month or two - our productivity was measurably improved by using the unit. Call 1300 7808 78 for your closest dealer.

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