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The "Smart Phone" Security Telephone system from Skandia connects wirelessly to a range of different sensors that monitor the home and let you know about it in the event of a disturbance. An infinite number of sensors can be connected to the phone including magnetic window and door sensors, passive infrared sensors (PIR) and smoke detectors, with the systems are configured to suit the needs of the user - the basic package includes the phone and one PIR sensor, magnetic sensor and remote control. Alarm functions include remote arming, 5-90 seconds delayed entry and exit times, user recorded alarm message and a dialling list of five phone numbers (with a maximum 3 attempts each) to ensure the message gets through in case of an emergency - the phone will even tell you whether its an intruder, fire, or other type of emergency. A portable pendant necklace or "Panic Alarm" connected to the system is also available to enable elderly, sick or disabled people to call for help if needed. The Smart Phone systems begin at around AUS$595 and the optional pendant costs AUS$99.

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