The Insider: could this be the future of live sport?

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Not only will the advance of digital technology provide us with unprecedented coverage of sporting action into our homes, it will bring digital TV along to the game with us. This is now a reality for US baseball fans thanks to a new device that combines the buzz of watching events live with the versatility of television coverage - the Insider wireless binoculars. Called 'binoculars' because of their shape and the way they are held, the Insider is actually a wireless viewing device comparable to a 52-inch TV screen that allows fans to access the live game broadcast, replays, plus live camera shots from angles that cannot be seen by those watching the broadcast at home. The Insider can also provide news, entertainment and coverage of other sporting events through seven channels, and to swap between camera angles.

Developed by Atlanta-based Immersion Entertainment, the Insider rents on game day for US$20. Baseball fans can also make reservations for the Insider online and although the technology is not yet available in Australia, the days of having to stay home to get 'closer' to the action are definitely numbered. The company is currently negotiating an introduction of the technology into an Australian venue. For more information, visit

View gallery - 7 images
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