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On the surface, it looks and functions just like a normal NEC video player/recorder, but behind the perspex frontal panel is a video camera which can record onto the tape in the machine or onto a second machine. Australia's largest distributor of spy gear, Ozspy tell us that the machine is invariably sold to monitor the activities of babysitters and housekeepers to ensure they are meeting their responsibilities. Some people prefer to say to the babysitter that they have set the machine to record a TV show, while others prefer to have the unit fully functioning so they can see how it is used - it still records and works as a normal player, even when sending signals to a second machine. Fitted with a colour camera, the unit costs AUS$549 or in b/w it costs AUS$489. Contact Ozspy on 1300 553779, or at Cameras can also be fitted to existing video recorders.

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