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On board GPS navigation is no longer solely the realm of top of the line automobiles as portable, affordable in-car units enter the Australian marketplace. The Street Pilot III features a pre-installed Australian base-map and 64MB plug in data card containing detailed street level maps of Australian cites, interstate highways and primary rural roads. The simplicity of the system is its greatest asset - routes are automatically calculated and turn-by-turn instructions are provided via voice prompting as well as on the 8.6 X 4.5 cm LCD display, which also shows the colour map and a range of information such as trip time, maximum and average travelling speeds, odometer and navigation warnings plus the nearest highway exits, petrol stations, ATMs and other locations that may be of interest. A "City Navigator" CD-ROM is included in the package giving more detailed maps and enabling waypoint management, calculation of routes from PC, points of interest listing and a search/find function based on Yellow Pages listings. No permanent installation is required for the Street Pilot III so it can be easily transferred between vehicles. The GPS system provides continuous updates every second and uses 12 satellites to pinpoint your position to within less than 15 metres, with an optional remote antenna available to boost performance in remote areas. The Street Pilot III is distributed in Australia by GME Electrophone for AUS$2795.

View gallery - 3 images
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