Redlight cameras get speed function

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Next time the lights go amber, think twice about putting the boot into the accelerator as
new technologies combining red light and speed camera's into one unit along with digital imaging capabilities that can identify your face, not just license plate are hitting the street. Developed by the South Melbourne based Redflex Group, SMARTCAM achieves high resolution imaging at 1.45 million pixels, has an accuracy of better than +/- 2kmh above 100kmh and takes a minimum of two frames per second when the flash is used. Imaging rates up to 7.5 frames per second are possible so it's hard to hide in heavy traffic and SMARTCAM can also has Doppler radar and laser features that allow it to be used when in motion. Finally, there's 'Public Key' cryptography that applies digital signatures before data is transmitted to protect the evidence the instant it's captured. For a
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View gallery - 3 images
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