Sony Ericsson P800 offers Palm, camera and MMS

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Sony Ericsson has added another acronym to the parlance of mobile phone addicts - MMS (multimedia messaging service) has arrived with the P800 Smartphone, a wireless enabled, colour touch screen phone, personal electronic asistant that and digital camera.

The built-in "comunicam" takes 640 x 480 still images that can be stored, emailed, uploaded to the web, or sent complete with sound and time-based sequencing for creating slide shows using MMS. The lens is recessed in the back of the unit so the P800 can operate as a point-and-shoot camera when the flip-lid is closed using the screen as the viewfinder, or delivers full control of camera settings and graphics applications with the flip-lid open. One button turns on the camera and activates the shutter so there's minimum delay in capturing the moment and up to 200 photos can be stored if the entire 12MB available memory space is used. Photo's of your friends can be added to the P800's Contacts file along with a personalised ringtone so an image of the person making the incoming call will appear when the phone rings, and if you can't see the screen, the ringtone will enable you to identify the caller immediately.

Add to this the versatilty of two different visible screen sizes depending on whether the flip-lid is open, closed or removed, up to100 voice dialling commands, a speakerphone for handsfree use, a combined Web and WAP browser and a stack of local and remote synchronisation options including Bluetooth, IR and USB connectivity and you have a formidable all-round communications device. The P800 can even be used as a wireless modem and accessories including Blueooth headset and FM-radio add on are also available. Sony Ericsson are planning to launch the P800 in Q1 2003 but no word yet on the expected price.

Stay tuned to Gizmo for updates.

View gallery - 2 images
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