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In the 80's it may have been cool to wander about with a beat box the size of a sheep on your shoulder, but the advent of MP3 has made both the look and the need for such bulky hardware obsolete. The MuVo from Creative is an exceptional example of this trend towards miniaturisation and convenience - the two-piece MP3 player is small enough to fit on a key ring and can store one hour of music as well as doubling as a storage device for other data files such as text documents. Adding to its usability, the "plug and play" MuVo is also cable free - the USB connector is concealed within the two piece unit which users slide apart in order to slot the memory module directly into their PC. The 128MB MuVo costs AUS$399 and a 64MB version is available for AUS$299.

View gallery - 2 images
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