C-Airdream - Citroen's stylish fly-by-wire concept

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Citro'n unveiled the C-Airdream at the 2002 Paris International Motor Show as a signpost to future design and technology directions the auto manufacturer intends to take.The trademark Citroen styling is still apparent despite the high-tech innovations in the 2+2 Coupe powered by a 3.0 150 kW V6 engine. The primary departure is the unconventional "drive-by-wire" controls that are housed on the inner hub of the steering replacing pedals and gear stick. The driver operates the vehicle by holding the electronically controlled steering wheel like a control yoke in fighter plane, accelerating using thumb paddles and gear changes are executed with the forefinger using a button interface on the steering wheel rim. Braking is via a twist grip on the steering wheel and electronic control throughout enables the car to adjust the pressure exerted on each brake disk in real time, maximising grip and handling through corners.

View gallery - 3 images
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