Mobility, Multiplayer and Console-Quality Gaming

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Nokia will release the first of its new mobile game deck line-up in February 2003 - the Nokia N-Gage promises console quality wireless gaming in a MMS (Multi-media Messaging Service) enabled mobile phone handset.

Multiplayer action will be enabled remotely via GSM cellular networks and locally using a wireless Bluetooth link. Running on the Nokia Series 60 platform and the Symbian OS (Operating System), the N-Gage will be bundled with branded game titles - stored and distributed on memory cards - from publishers and developers including Sega.

Although promoted as new product category, the arrival of the N-Gage presents a challenge to handheld consoles like Nitendo's Game Boy Advance and Nokia's decision publish its own games is intended to capitalise on the convergence of rich media gaming and its existing strength in the mobile communications market.

View gallery - 5 images
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