Kodak Easy Share DX4330

Digital Cameras have long made the transition from novelty gadgets to everyday consumer items and now that the "wow" factor has subsided, functionality, usability and attention to detail are in demand in addition to mega-pixel performance. Kodak's Easyshare DX4330 is designed to meet many of these challenges by incorporating several clever user-friendly features into a robust 3.1 mega-pixel unit.

The immediate standout feature is the clever "Auto picture rotation" that "knows" the angle at which an image was taken and adjusts it accordingly in the view-screen. For example if an image is taken with the camera held vertically (portrait), the image in the LCD screen is diplayed the right way up, so there's no need to keep flipping the camera when reviewing shots on-board.

While not the tiniest 3.1 mega-pixel unit on the market, the DX4330 is solid, robust and comfortable to use. Featuring 3X optical zoom and 3.3X digital zoom, four automatic shot modes plus video with audio and 16MB internal memory with MMC/SD expansion slot, using the DX4330 is made further enhanced by the ability of the 45.6 mm LCD screen to perform well in bright outdoor conditions.

The LCD screen also allows 4X magnification on board and fast scrolling around individual pics. Access to shot modes is easy to reach at the top of the unit and another important detail, lag time, is kept to a minimum with a clearly audible beep to indicate when an image has been taken lessening the frustration of trying to capture moving subjects. This also results in an impressive multi-shot speed, even in conditions where the flash is needed.

Also displaying attention to detail is the true alignment of the viewfinder and the LCD screen. Often mid to low end digitals will not deliver a "what you see is what you get" image when composing through the viewfinder, but Gizmo encountered none of these difficulties with the DX4330.

One notable oversight is the inability to view pics without turning the full camera functions on. This causes the lens to extend (therefore dislodging the cap) and is a hassle if you pick up the unit just for reviewing purposes.

Images themselves are exceptional in contrast and particularly colour range and the one touch transfer system using the camera dock is simple to use for beginners. The dock unit works with all cameras in the Kodak DX and CX range and has the added advantage of providing you with a place to store the

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