Globetrotter adds to the road warrior's arsenal

High-speed wireless functionality for laptops and handheld computing devices is in increasing demand as "next generation" digital networks begin to take shape in Australia. Unique Micro Design's latest GSM/GPRS Voice and Data card - the Option Globetrotter - is a robust tri-band device (meaning it can operate world wide) operating on either 5 or 3 volts supply that supports telephone calls, Internet browsing, SMS messaging and email using the "always on" functionality of GPRS.

The advantage of GPRS (General Packet Radio System) networking is that whilst a connection is always present, you only pay for the data used. Vodaphone is the first of Australia's main telecommunications carriers to provide the 'Globetrotter' with approval for its GPRS/GSM network.

The 'Globetrotter' comes with a speaker/earpiece, protective cover, a built in retractable antenna and an external antenna connection socket. The device also caters for hands free voice call operation and achieves up to 56kbs download speed.

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