Fresh cat food and a de rigueur doghouse

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Part of the Great Expectations British design showcase now on in Melbourne, the Magis Dog House by Michael Young uses rotation moulded polyethylene to achieve its catching contemporary shape and is raised from the ground to give Rover the option of a shady outdoor lounge.

The polyethylene material creates a double wall thickness enabling insulation to be inserted in between the walls and ventilation is created by removing a plug in the back of the Dog House to encourage air-flow.

Cats also benefit from innovative British thinking with the Pedal Bowl. This device keeps cat food fresh and protects it from flies (and the rest of us from the smell). Cats being clever creatures, are able to access their meal by opening the transparent flip-top lid using a paw to press the pedal.

The Magis dog house is available in the UK where it retails for about 120 pounds, and the one size currently on offer suits small dogs.

A self-chilling can, a paper dress that can be folded in an envelope and sent via mail, a laundry basket that brings clothes to you and a multi-functional Plank also feature in the exhibition showing at Museum Victoria until 20 May 2003.

Great Expectations is part of the first in a series of programs showcasing design planned for Museum Victoria in 2003.

Follow the links below to learn more and tune in to in coming weeks to see more featured designs.

View gallery - 3 images
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