Philips USB Keyring: more than data storage

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Monday June 30, 2003

Among several impressive multi-purpose portable USB devices to emerge from this month's CES in Sydney is Philips new line of portable Key Ring MP3 players and digital cameras. Set for release in September 2003, the devices can also be used for data storage drives with up to 128MB capacity.

The key ring range will include a MP3 player/portable HDD combination operated by a cord remote control or a neck strap with the remote built into the fabric.

The digital camera versions include the same lightweight magnesium casing as the MP3 players (both units weigh just 35g) and capture a 1.3 mega-pixel image.

Both combinations accommodate downloading via direct "plug and play" USB connectivity and also feature direct battery recharging via USB for up to 6.5 hours of operation.

The new Key Rings are the smallest of their kind that Philips has ever produced and 128MB and 64MB versions will be available in Australia from September 2003. No price was available at the time of publication - check back to for updates or visit for further information.

View gallery - 4 images
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