Philips release smart display for the wireless home

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Saturday July 12, 2003

Due for Australian release this month, Philips DesXcape 150DM Smart Display is designed to bring easy access to the Internet, computing applications and entertainment in every room of a wireless networked home. Weighing only 2.4 kilograms and only 28.5mm deep, the LCD screen can operate as a remote access point to a wireless network or a full-featured LCD monitor when housed in its base station.

The DesXcape 150DM is based on a 15-inch colour LCD touch screen interface and connects through 802.11b wireless networks delivering a range of up to 100 metres from the host PC with no "line-of-sight" requirement. As an independent PC the DesXcape 150DM caters for popular applications like MS Office as well as accessing the Internet through a full-featured browser.

An "Instant-on" feature means the DesXcape 150DM is always ready to operate with or without a host PC and battery time is approximately five hours of continuous operation.

A built-in virtual keyboard, touch pad and sophisticated handwriting recognition system are used for remote data entry and when in its docking station, a USB mouse and keyboard may be connected to base station ports. A wireless keyboard is also included for "anywhere in the house" typing.

The Philips 150DM will be available in Australia from July 2003 and costs AUS$3499 including wireless keyboard and stereo speakers in the base.

View gallery - 5 images
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