iPhonebook provides address back-up for data-enabled phones

Monday July 14, 2003

Retrieving lost data can often be a bigger hassle if your phone is lost or stolen and with research showing that up to one million mobile phones go missing annually (with a significant percentage ending up in the toilet) a solution is well overdue.

iPhonebook provides the answer by wirelessly linking the address content and calendar information stored in applications such as Outlook, Outlook Express and Palm to your mobile phone.

By creating a wireless links between your mobile phone and the address content in your existing Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or Palm application, the iPhonebook eliminates the need for backing up phone data (something few of us do) as well as ensuring you are always using the most recent contact details.

The emergence of data-enabled phones is likely to drive demand for these kinds of services and impact on the already much smaller PDA market. In April Gartner reported that worldwide PDA shipments declined 11 percent in the first quarter of 2003. Phone/PDA combos are also having limited success and in the global market - only 3 million people use Palm-style devices while more than 165 million use mobile phones.

See www.iPhonebook.net for more information. According to the site a wireless carrier is expected to launch the service in Australia soon.

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