Do-it-yourself photo kiosk for multi-media cell phones

Wednesday July 9, 2003

Fujifilm has announced plans for a new do-it-yourself Digital Photo Centre kiosk that allows consumers to print photos taken on mobile phone cameras. The Digital Photo Centre will be able to extract images from multi-media memory cards as well as via infrared reader so that consumers can simply point their phone at the Photo Centre, download photos and order a quality print at the touch of a button.

The Digital Photo Centre is designed for fast, simple entry without the need for a keyboard or mouse and aims to provide consumers with "hands-on" digital developing features including red-eye reduction, colour balance adjustment, image zoom, rotation and cropping. Photo calendars, ID photos and greeting card formats are also available.

Hanimex Managing Director, Dave Marshall, said with the anticipated growth in multi-media cell phones set to escalate, together with the pending release in Australia of a 1 megapixel cell phone camera, Fujifilm will be well equipped to accommodate the increasing demand for cell phone photos.

Digital Photo Centre kiosk already caters for xD Picture cards, SmartMedia, CompactFlash, as well as Memory Sticks, SD cards, PC cards, Zip disks, CD-Rs and FUJICOLOR CD.

"Before the end of this year, the Fujifilm Digital Photo Centre kiosk will be equipped to accommodate prints from any brand of multi-media cell phone in addition to an extensive range of media cards," Mr Marshall said.

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