Sony Ericsson T610 camera phone arrives in Australia

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Saturday July 19, 2003Don't blink or that bleeding-edge camera phone might just become an antique. The latest offering from Sony Ericsson - the T610 - is an example of the increasingly small, sophisticated and stylish camera phones starting to reach Australia.The T610 includes a 32mm x 38mm colour screen, Bluetooth capabilities, triple band compatibility, aluminium body, polyphonic ringtones plus Java and Mophun platforms for advanced gaming.The in-built camera can capture and send images in three clicks using MMS (multimedia message). Pictures, sounds and voice clips can also be added to images sent via MMS from the T610.Bluetooth connectivity caters for headsets and carkits as well as enabling transfer between the phone and PCs, PDAs, printers and other Bluetooth enabled devices.The polyphonic ringtones feature includes a built-in "Music DJ" that allows the user to create ringtones from percussion, guitar and keyboard samples. The Java and Mophun platforms allow for game download and vibration, joystick control and colour graphics featured on the T610 are incorporated into the game play. The T610 is available in Aluminium Haze and costs AUD$845.

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