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Australian-developed online audience measurement and tracking service Hitwise recently launched in the US market, and looks set to make a big splash due to the real-time competitive intelligence abilities of the service.One of the first industries likely to make us of the Hitwise service is the film industry which recognises the value of measuring traffic to movie-related web sites now that web marketing is such an important aspect of a movie's success. There is proving to be such a strong relationship between traffic to a movie web site and box office receipts that the Hitwise service offers the most effective real-time competitive intelligence available, reporting daily on page views, visits and time-spent at all the web sites in any one of hundreds of categories.Most web tracking services are based on a panel of several thousand internet users which is monitored and the results aggregated, analysed and made available several weeks after the end of each month.The Hitwise service monitors millions of internet users on a daily basis and analyses the results overnight to provide real-time competitive data on more than 500,000 sites across more than 200 vertical market categories, enabling marketers to see how they are faring, and what works and what doesn't for themselves and their competitors on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.Probably the most useful aspect of the Hitwise service is the mass of data available to subscribers. Users can compare and chart traffic to web sites in dozens of ways to enable a three dimensional view of the marketplace.The Australian-developed technology launched in 1998 and has since been successfully rolled out in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand and is already monitoring 25 million users in these markets.The company has plans to launch into several major international markets in the next year, some with its own service and some where it is licensing its technologies to foreign language partners.

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