Renault Be Bop concept showcases versatility

Monday September 1, 2003

Renault announcements ahead of the 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show include a preview of two new interpretations of the compact MPV theme - an all-terrain SUV and a sporting model under the Renault Sport brand. Known as "Be Bop and Be Bop", the vehicles combine aerodynamic efficiency and exceptional visibility from a bright, modular cabin space that can be configured in multiple ways to best suit occupants.

Extensive use of glass and sleek styling and a streamlined floor-pan boost aerodynamic efficiency and the panoramic windscreen merges with the glazed roof and "teardrop" side-windows to enhance visibility.

Although over half their bodywork parts are in common, Be Bop and Be Bop the one concept encompasses two attitudes according to Renault.

The sport utility vehicle Be Bop includes 21-inch PAX System wheels with 210mm ground clearance and four-wheel drive. Its "blue-tinted steel" exterior is complimented by high-performance front lamps that incorporate blue-tinted diodes and the rear lamps are shaped like flashes of light.

The tailgate features an electric opening system opening system that lifts the rear window above the roof and opens the lower part downwards while a shelf automatically slides forward to house luggage and parcels.

The bright yellow MPV Be Bop has a specific front-end design, a spacious and occupant-friendly interior and features a 225bhp 2-litre turbocharged engine.

The rear opens via two hinged doors to reveal an original interior marked by a central arch to which the seats are anchored. This frees up floor space to create a sensation of spaciousness and forms a link between front and rear occupants to reinforce the interior's friendly spirit.

The polished aluminium gearlever rises over the central arch, which also houses all the other main controls.

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