Vibe Phone real-time video interface

Tuesday September 2, 2003

Vibe Phone is a video communications product that allows consumers to conduct live, real-time video calls from their PC's using a webcam and broadband access via cable or DSL modem.

Designed to give users the "click-and-call" simplicity of a telephone with instant messaging and picture sharing features that aim to do more than simply add on video to text chat.

The interface displays large, clear image of both caller and callee on both PCs and compression technology that allows for video image clarity and the synchronization of audio and video for standard broadband connections (at least 128 kbps upload speed).

Users can share digital photos or while talking face to face by using a drag-and-drop function and graphics can also be added to the video windows to produce titles and effects.

An optional audio-only mode is available and the audio feed can be routed either through the webcam's microphone or a separate headset.

The application can be used with most standard video cameras.

Minimum system requirements include a Pentium III computer with a 500 MHz processor, broadband access with at least 128 kpbs upload speed, and a standard webcam.

Vibe Phone is currently available through download sites, such as ZDnet and Cnet, and through

A free trial version is available at the Vibe Phone site that provides 100 minutes, or they can choose from three monthly calling plans: US$4.95 for 100 minutes; US$9.95 for 250 minutes; or US$19.95 for 650 minutes.

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