GuardRobo C4 deters intruders, welcomes visitors

Monday October 13, 2003The latest model guard robot shown at CEATEC Japan 2003 by Sohgo Security Services is currently in use for patrolling and surveillance purposes as well as for receiving visitors and giving directions. Using numerous sensors, the C4 can detect a human body and then transmit images of what it "sees" back to a monitoring centre. The GuardRobo can be assigned to a fixed patrol route and timetable or be operated remotely from a control room.In development by ALSOK since 1982, the new robot can enter and exit elevators by itself using wireless signals and can move at speeds of up to 50cm per second.The Robo C4 costs around 9.5 million yen (AUD$125,000). Follow the links below for to learn more.

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