Kyocera Slider added to Orange mobile phone range

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Friday October 24, 2003

Orange has announced that it will add the Kyocera Slider to its range of mobile phones in November. As the name suggests, the phone incorporates a sliding mechanism to reveal and protect the phone's keypad in a similar way to clamshell designs, but because the motion is to slide rather than flip of the cover outwards, the Slider design is more robust and easier to use. The solid, porcelain-like surface reinforces this impression of robustness and the 65,000-colour screen and navigation keys are visible when the phone is "shut" to make to simplify the process of viewing caller ID and answering the phone.

The Kyocera Slider includes voice activated dialling, colour display and a vibrant colour screen, predictive text-input and speakerphone.

The phone will be available on 3rd November 2003. Visit for more details.

View gallery - 2 images
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