Touch-screen Mobile Media Device in raft of new Nokia releases

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Saturday November 1, 2003

The first in a new category of mobile media devices from Nokia, the 7700 is geared towards high-speed web browsing and multi-media consumption with its wide 65,000 colour touch screen and stylus input using handwriting recognition. Music and video playback and streaming, an integrated VGA camera, FM radio, multimedia messaging support and personal information management functionality are also part if the 7700 package, which is part of a raft of new Nokia releases emerging from the 'Destination Nokia: 100% Pure Mobility' Asia Pacific event held in Gold Coast, Australia and the annual Nokia Mobile Internet Conference in France.

In addition to input using the stylus and handwriting recognition capabilities, the 7700's touch screen (640 x 320 pixels) incorporates onscreen keyboard and Bluetooth is included enabling the use of a wireless headset.

The Nokia 7700 media device works on GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900/1800/1900 networks, with shipments in Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific expected to begin in the second quarter, 2004.

Other new releases the from Nokia include the Nokia 6820 - a messaging device the incorporates a full keyboard and the 5-way scroll for fast text-input - the distinctive 7200 and 7600 models - phones for the fashion conscious that display a luxurious look and feel using textile covers and matching wallpapers or screensavers - and the Nokia 6230 - a Bluetooth equipped phone with video recording and playback plus streaming video and audio capabilities.

New "mobile enhancements" announced at the Gold Coast Asia Pacific event included the Nokia Wireless Boom Headset and the Nokia Wireless Audio Adapter. Both use Bluetooth technology to provide wireless mobility at a distance of up to 10 metres from your mobile phone.

The Wireless Audio Adapter plugs in to the port of compatible phones such as the 7200 making it possible for consumers without Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices to use the wireless headset.

The Nokia Wireless Boom Headset and the Nokia Wireless Audio Adapter is expected to be commercially available during the first quarter of 2004.

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