Precision travel clock and weather station

Sunday November 9, 2003

Philippe Starck and Oregon Scientific have released a new Time and Weather Collection of multifunctional clocks that are regulated automatically by MSF radio signal broadcast from an official atomic clock, delivering absolute precision to within one millionth of a second per year.

The four different models are all variants on the radio-controlled clock and weather station theme. The Visual and Multi models can project an image of the current time onto a wall or ceiling and weather monitoring functionality ranges from a barometer in the basic models to a "Full Weather Station" in the flagship PS-L06.

The clean, minimalist approach of Philippe Starck is evident in the stylishly designed range which all feature the same bold, square casing.

The LCD screens are partitioned into different areas for displaying weather station elements at a glance and all units feature instantly recognisable icons to indicate the general weather forecast for the next 12 to 24 hours (sunny, cloudy etc.), a numerical record of barometric history for the last 23 hours.

The Medium and Large models let you check the current indoor or outdoor temperature, humidity percentage, comfort level, trend, and record measurements with the press of a button.

Outdoor measurements are collected by a remote unit and the weather station can read the information from up to 3 remote locations.

Each model is available in three colours (Red, Yellow and Grey) and three sizes (Small, Medium and Large).

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