USB 'Thumb' Drive reads xD-Picture Cards

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Monday November 10, 2003

Fujifilm has introduced a compact USB card reader for its xD-Picture Card range. The USB 'Thumb' Drive streamlines the process of transferring photos by eliminating the need to connect your entire camera to the computer.

The USB reader also allows for convenient transfer and storage of other data such as presentations or reports using an xD Picture Card.

A card lock system is also incorporated to protect data during transfer.

xD Picture Cards are available in sizes from 16MB up to 512MB and are included as an accessory with cameras in the Fujifilm FinePix digital range.

The device is "plug and play" compatible with Win ME, 2000, XP or Macintosh systems and the required driver software for Win 98 or 98SE can be downloaded from the

The Fujifilm xD Picture Card USB Drive costs AUD$59.95.

View gallery - 9 images
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