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Thursday November 20, 2003

This go-anywhere solar charger uses flexible, non-breakable solar cells first developed for use in space to provide an alternative power source for batteries, GPS units, mobile phones and other portable electronic devices in any location where the sun shines.

Designed for use on boats, RVs, automobiles and when camping, BatterySAVER FLEX 5 can be fitted to boat decks, boom covers, cabin covers, tents, dashboards and even backpacks using the elongated side slots and corner grommet holes built into the unit.

BatterySAVER FLEX 5 will provide a constant trickle of energy to maintain 12V deep cycle batteries and is useful for topping up batteries when in storage. Optional power connectors are available for charging mobile phones and other electronic devices and additional panels can be added to the unit to boost the power supply.

Durable, weatherproof and UV resistant, the BatterySAVER FLEX 5 will flex to most curvatures, works under all lighting conditions including low light and indirect sunlight and rolls up into a compact storage tube for transport.

The CIGS (copper indium gallium diselenide) solar cells used in the unit have been shown to be stable and long-lived - even when exposed to radiation in space - and have a higher efficiency than other thin films.

The BatterySAVER FLEX 5 is available in Australia and costs AUD$289.91(inc GST).

Visit Australian distributor www.multipoweredproducts.com.au for further information.

View gallery - 2 images
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