Man vs Machine World Chess Championship a draw

Thursday November 20, 2003After treading a delicate path in game four, Garry Kasparov has drawn both the final game and the match against X3D Fritz in the latest Man vs Machine World Chess Championship.

The first and last games of the match were drawn with X3D Fritz winning game two and Kasparov winning game three.

The result still earns Kasparov $175,000 and the golden trophy - although X3D Fritz is storing a copy of the trophy in virtual reality given that it was a draw according to reports from x3DChess.

Game four was the shortest game of the match.

Playing black pieces, Kasparov steered out of danger in the opening phase and after 27-moves a dead-drawn position was reached and the game was ended by mutual agreement.

Kapsarov said after the game that despite outplaying the machine overall, a critical mistake in game two had cost him the match.

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