Citro'n C-Airlounge Concept takes European Award

Tuesday November 25, 2003

The Citro'n C-Airlounge has been named 'Concept Car of the Year' by European motoring and motor industry magazine Autocar. The aerodynamically advanced C-Airlounge features a unique interior lighting system that utilises fibre optics and projectors concealed in the armrest-covers and carpet to enable a choice of "interior graphics".

Shown at this year's Frankfurt International Motor Show in September alongside the 2+2 C-Airdream coupe concept study, the C-Airlounge can be configured to accommodate four or five passengers and its aerodynamic innovations - including the use of blade vortex generators - have resulted in a drag coefficient of just 0.26 during wind-tunnel testing.

C-Airlounge designer Mark Lloyd collected the 'Car Designer of the Year' not just for the C-Airlounge but also for its predecessors, the Citro'n C-Crosser and C-Airdream.

Judges also noted the "refreshing dynamism" the design brings to the two box form and the improvements in visibility over that offered by most modern cars.

For further reading on other recent accolades won by outstanding new automobiles visit article number 2359 on this site.

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