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Fujitsu Siemens Computers and Vodafone UK launched a first-of-kind wireless computing package for small business last week that offers small businesses a new way to purchase IT.

For the first time, businesses in the UK (and anywhere else for that matter) will be able to purchase wireless laptops or Tablet PCs in a similar way to how they purchase mobile phones.

Known as the CONNECT2AIR package, the scheme involves:

  • A fully wireless-enabled Fujitsu LIFEBOOK laptop or tablet PC with Intel Centrino mobile technology for '99 (AUD$235) which normally retail for between '1,139 and '1,478 (AUD$2700 and AUD$3500)
  • a monthly contract fee (minimum 24 mths) starting at '89 (AUD$210) per month
  • a range of GPRS access options
  • Wireless Hotspot (WiFi) access
  • Security measures
  • 24/7 telephone and on-site support
  • Product insurance
  • Full product warranty
  • Pre-installed Microsoft Office applications

New research from Fujitsu Siemens Computers reveals that 77% of owners of British small businesses rate maintaining positive cashflow as the most pressing issue for their business. Owing to its low purchase price and monthly contract structure, CONNECT2AIR packages are aimed at providing small businesses with a cost-effective and simple way to work wirelessly, without crippling the balance sheet.

CONNECT2AIR packages offer connectivity via the Vodafone GPRS network and customers will also benefit from the ability to access public wireless hotspots. This means that users can continue sending emails, accessing company networks and the internet either from a WiFi Hotspot or by switching to GPRS while away from the office, home or hotspot.

The Vodafone GPRS Mobile Connect Card is part of each CONNECT2AIR package and offers a mobile remote working solution. The card simply slots into the side of the LIFEBOOK laptop and the unique onscreen dashboard is displayed. This provides information on network performance and enables additional services such as SMS, VPN and Internet access to be used from all over the world.

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