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a Motorola has announced the Motorola MPx - a mobile device combining always-on connectivity with a new form factor. Part of the Motorola MOTOPro series of handsets featuring Microsoft Windows Mobile software, the MPx delivers a new approach to communications for the mobile professional. The dual-hinge device opens both lengthways as a clamshell phone and in landscape mode as an email device with a wide screen and full QWERTY keyboard. The model MPx accomplishes this with the same familiar Windows interface.Real-time Email Experience The Motorola MPx replaces the multi-device syndrome by ingeniously blending the best of a mobile phone, personal data assistant (PDA) and email messenger in one easy-to-use compact device. By opening the device in landscape mode, Internet browsing, streaming video and access to corporate applications are all within easy reach using the Motorola MPx. The tri-band GSM/GRPS Motorola device is a truly essential business tool, with advanced features such as built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and Infrared support for effortless data exchange. The MPx also takes advantage of a 2.8 inch, 16-bit color display to provide an impressive 320 x 240 pixels. This feature allows for utilization of a large base of existing and upcoming Pocket PC and Java applications, enabling users to maximise their mobile experience. The device is built on the MOTOPro Innovation Platform, a feature rich software and hardware platform that leverages Motorola's design and technologies, as well as the Microsoft Windows Mobile software. The Motorola MPx boasts up to 1GB of expandable memory, an integrated 1.3 mega pixel camera with flash, and Java technology. With the Windows Media Player, the Motorola MPx also provides users with essential entertainment options to balance out the busy workday. In a snap, executives on the road can take pictures using the MPx's integrated camera with flash and send them home to family and friends. 1Powerful messaging capabilities and the large dual-hinge internal landscape and portrait display also make sending and receiving movie or video clips a breeze via e-mail, MMS, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. 'Mobile email is the 'hero' application for mobile professionals looking to stay in touch in real time. This revolutionary compact form factor combines powerful hardware and software enablers and Microsoft's Windows Mobile software, to create a true mobile assistant - helping mobile professionals stay ahead of the curve,' Tom Lynch , executive vice president and chief executive officer, Personal Communications Sector, Motorola, Inc. 'The MPx expands the MOTOPro portfolio, enabling businesses and mobile professionals to leverage the power of mobility and convergence.' The Motorola MPx offers: 'Microsoft Windows Mobile software: Making the Motorola MPx truly an extension of your desktop, this cutting-edge device supports a multitude of business applications including Microsoft Outlook e-mail and PIM, Microsoft Word, Excel and more. 'No strings attached: The Motorola MPx tri-band GSM/GPRS device supports integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technology for both data centric and voice centric communications with compatible devices, for the ultimate in hands-free connectivity. 'Design: Boasting a truly unique and innovative form factor, the Motorola MPx is the must-have solution to help driven professionals manage their mobile lives in realtime while adding new convenience to the converged device, resulting in a user-friendly and stylish mobile. 'Advanced camera capabilities: With an impressive 1.3 mega-pixel camera and flash embedded on the Motorola MPx, messages can be delivered with more than just words. 'Expansive memory: To leverage the device's ability to download Microsoft Pocket PC and Java applications, games, photos and more, the model MPx comes with a SD/MMC slot supporting up to 1 GB of memory. 'Synchronization: Built in "ActiveSync" and 'Air-sync' makes the model MPx capable of synching with Microsoft Outlook for easy organization. Additionally, the device supports Infrared IRDA 115 kbps for data exchange and Consumer IR (CIR) for control of audio/video and home automation equipment on the fly. 'Ease of use: The Motorola MPx supports a variety of input methods making it quick and effortless to transfer data, including a numeric keyboard, a thumb QWERTY board and stylus and touch sensitive screen to support smooth operations. The Motorola MPx is expected to be available in the second half of 2004.

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