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Combining all forms of media into one all-powerful interface seems a daunting task, but a logical one. Imagine the control of all your DVDs, CDs, Mp3, picture files, as well as TV shows, news and weather services, all available to you at the click of a button as you sit on your couch. Well, this is the future of technological control that data lifestyle management company Meedio LLC is working towards.

Information data management is fast becoming a crucial organisational skill to the running of our busy lives. With more and more different forms of information being available to us (movies, music, pictures, news, weather reports, etc.), organising them all together in one easy-to-use interface seems like a huge data management headache.

However Meedio is offering a solution to all your information management needs. Based in Houston, Texas, Meedio is a company dedicated to solving the digital lifestyle management requirements by providing a robust software platform that interfaces with all your home entertainment devices and is fully customisable to suit your particular needs and tastes.

The Meedio Essentials package effectively creates a single library out of all of your digital media on your home PC. The primary task of Meedio Essentials is to make it easier for the user to access all these music, movie and picture files in the quickest possible way, which we all know gets increasingly harder as we accumulate more and more information on the hard drive.

Meedio Essentials brings digital photos, slideshows, movies and music at your fingertips. However, not only does Meedio Essentials provide control over all your digital media, it can also provide up-to-date news, weather, and other information at the touch of a button. It can also display information on any screen the same way that some television stations display "tickers" for current weather and news headlines.

Meedio Essentials starts with powerful tools that quickly and easily create a single library of your digital media. It works with intelligent plugins that tag files with information that helps classify and sort them, making it able to automatically categorise your files no matter where they are stored on your hard drive.

The ultimate goal is to "(combine) the convenience and simplicity of the TV with the power and flexibility of the personal computer", according to its press release. However Meedio is thinking further ahead than just a digital organisation solution for the home PC. With an eye on digital home entertainment that is firmly fixed into the future, Meedio software has been implemented into the Fidelity II digital entertainment system brought out by home theatre equipment manufacturer Entertainment PC Ltd.

"People don't believe the level of audio and video quality that you can achieve with a software-based system," says Ian Cox, founder of EPC. As consumers begin to find out more about the convergence of entertainment and computing technology, EPC is anticipating retail distribution at hundreds of stores by next year. "It's going to be a huge market. It will be massive. The move away from specialized components like DVD players towards new technologies like entertainment PCs is where the whole industry is headed." Visit the for more information.

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