SingStar - Battle of the lounge room rockstars!

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Lounge room karaoke has gone to the next level thanks to Playstation 2 and the Sony SingStar Party game, which turns everyone into an Idol superstar. Building upon the original SingStar module that enables players to analyse their pitch, tone and rhythm whilst singing, SingStar Party now adds competitive multiplayer modes for between two to eight players to test their vocal abilities against each other in an open battle of the mic.

Players can select fully licensed music from a wide variety of contemporary and classic artists like Destiny’s Child, Elvis, Pink, Kylie Minogue, Duran Duran, Elton John and many more, and you can also import and update song selections from the original SingStar game. The new Duet Mode enables two players to each sing one vocal part of a duet and compete for the highest score, or have one player sing a duet with one of the original artists. New “Pass The Mic” team games, featuring a variety of different singing challenges – solo rounds, combined duets, random battles and surprise singer selections – ensure that everyone at the party has a chance to show off their superb singing skills.

The SingStar Party experience is fully compatible with the Playstation EyeToy enabling players to add their own photos on the screen when they sing and record key moments of their performances for later viewing. It comes with two microphones and all you need to ensure the fun carries on all night long!

SingStar Party will be available this November, exclusively on PlayStation 2. More information about PlayStation products can be found at and

View gallery - 3 images
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