DVD and CD media all in one disc

Silverline records, along with the participation of other major record labels, are set to release the DualDisc, a two-sided disc with CD content on one side and DVD content on the other.

A significant step-up from the "enhanced" CD - which contains only a limited amount of extra information - the dual-format will allow artists to release music at a superior sound format and include extra content like music videos and interviews.

In addition to having the full album on the CD side, the DVD side provides the full album in enhanced sound (such as Surround Sound, DVD-Audio or LPCM stereo), and also includes a range of special features like music videos, concert footage, interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, photo galleries, web links, and lyrics. However the contents will vary significantly depending on the artist and record company.

Although DualDisc creates a new music experience for the listener, it does not require new equipment to be played. It is compatible with nearly any device that can currently play a CD or a DVD, whether it be a home stereo system, portable disc player, car stereo, game console or computer.

Silverline will release 50 DualDisc titles on November 2, 2004, including titles from Blondie, Josh One, The Hiss, Blues Traveler, Robert Cray, Queensryche, Joey Ramone and Curtis Mayfield.

DualDisc also provides a means to reinvigorate classic titles with fresh and compelling content, much in the same way DVDs have completely overrun the video cassette market with superior sound and picture quality and special features.

Record company executives believe that the new format will be the perfect solution for the music business as they seek to add value to music products and become more competitive with the other segments of home entertainment.

The DualDisc format involves the participation of a consortium of major record labels including EMI Music, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and 5.1 Entertainment Group, all of whom are also getting ready to release DualDiscs of their own respective artists.

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