Table with a stream flowing through it

Sitting at your desk working can get quite stressful at times, and when it does we need to unwind and get away from it all. However with the Travelland table you don't need a panoramic view from your window to escape the confines of your office or home. Actually, you don't even need a window.

All you need is the Travelland table by Oliver Beckert, where the scenery is brought inside the home, or table, to be precise.

Creating a very distinct ambience, the Travelland table is designed to defuse stress and create a peaceful, relaxed environment. It does this by running a river of water across the desk, under a glass top, and there’s even a sort of mini rapids effect so the water swisheson the pebbles. Claimed to be able to calm any room”, the Travelland table is similar to the Elkay kitchen sink where water cascades more than a metre in length through the 8-inch-wide tapered preparation/work area, much akin to a stream or river.

Currently the only design seems to be the table pictured, but as each table is build-to-order by hand why not make a coffee table or let it double as a fishtank as well as a river? Although it is uncertain whether it could support fish in its current state, but if you are into fish, try the Moody Aquarium washbasin.

A clever and unconventional way to get nature into the home, the table is priced at around $4300 and will take 10-12 weeks for delivery.

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