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Honey, who shrunk the computer? As reported in earlier Gizmo articles the future of fully functional pocket PC's has arrived, with miniature models from Sony, Flipstart and now San Francisco based OQO.

The OQO model 01 'ultra' personal computer has been coming out for a while - Gizmo's own Dave Weinstein even visited the company to report on it's progress.

Well it's now finally on sale for US $1,899, allowing a complete Windows XP computer to fit in your pocket.

The sleek new product combines major advances in PC design with patented miniaturization technology to provide all the functionality of a laptop in the form factor of a handheld. With an OQO users enjoy constant access to all their information and Windows XP applications and use the same computer for high-powered applications at the office, browsing the web at home, or listening to music on the go.

The OQO is only five inches wide, 3 1/2 inches long and 1 inch thick and weighs only 14 ounces. It uses a 1 Ghz Transmeta Crusoe microprocessor with 256 MB of memory and a 20 GB hard drive.

A built in 5" transflective display (800 X 480, indoor/outdoor readable) allows 3D-accelerated graphics. It has built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for wireless internet and peripheral connections like printers, PDAs and scanners and the only drawback is no internal CD or DVD drive.

A removable lithium polymer battery lasts up to three hours. The PC in your pocket also has several integrated input devices including a thumb keyboard with mouse buttons, a TrackStik pointing device, multimode thumbwheel and digital pen.

Jory Bell and Jonathan Betts-LaCroix founded the company in 2000, along with a core group of engineers and product designers, and set out to shrink a Windows XP computer into a pocketable device. Their vision was to transform personal computing in the way cell phones revolutionized telecommunications.

More information on OQO can be found at http://www.oqo.com

View gallery - 2 images
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