New Marketing Medium Turns Cans Into Ads

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November 2, 2004 Ambient media continues to invade every available niche left in our lives – this week it’s the top of your drink can, as a new can-top 5 layer plastic label made its debut at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, with cans of Coca-Cola sporting the new ADVERCAN labels.

America alone consumes 260 billion cans per year, so ADVERCAN has developed what it claims is the world's first Can Top Media Campaign.

Five years in development, the six-layer plastic ADVERCAN label serves as both an advertising medium and a "Cleancap" designed to keep the can top clean from the bottling plant to the store shelf.

With the ability to print a message on both sides of the label, marketers can create a variety of marketing strategies with this unique new media.

With the guidance of befriended MBAs, the company received the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business 2004 Business Plan Award for ADVERCAN's business model, in part for its marketing focus, high speed feasibility studies, and long term pay outs.

For bottlers, ADVERCAN's new media revenue stream can help lower the cost of canning beverages. ADVERCAN is capable of labeling 200,000 cans daily at its facility in Dallas, Texas. The cost to the advertiser is comparable to imprinting a can with a marketer's message.

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